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Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University, Green Delta Aims Tower (13th floor) 51-52 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

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Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ) is a multidisciplinary academic institute, which promotes global peace and social justice through quality education, research, training and advocacy. CPJ is committed to identifying and advocating for sustainable and inclusive solutions to a wide range of global concerns and issues for a just, peaceful and inclusive society. Under the leadership of its Executive Director, Manzoor Hasan OBE the centre has achieved vast research, training and advocacy experiences under the three thematic areas (1) Peace and Fragility (2) Social Justice, and (3) Open Society.

During its inception phase from 2014-2017, CPJ primarily focused on SDG 16, particularly the promotion of legal empowerment across South Asia. It was formally established by BRAC University in March 2017 and joined its constellation of other institutes and centres. The centre has played an increasingly instrumental role in advancing justice and accountability, civil society strengthening, inclusion and youth empowerment. Over time, it has established itself as a credible ‘knowledge partner’ for local and global organizations. CPJ is also a member of several leading networks and platforms and has been contributing to the dialogue on peace and justice.

In 2020, CPJ established a Refugee Studies Unit (RSU) to institutionalize and strengthen its refugee-related initiatives. Located in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, RSU aims to understand the local context, promote peace and social cohesion and build trust and credibility within refugee and host communities. 

CPJ facilitated the establishment of ‘Peace Cafes’ that serve as hubs for student-led civic engagement in five universities of Bangladesh. At present, CPJ is providing technical assistance and secretarial support to all the peace cafes in Bangladesh. 

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