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The CPJ blog aims to showcase research and, more importantly, first-hand insights broadly grounded on ‘peace’ and ‘justice’ by academics, students, practitioners, and policymakers. We strongly encourage you to participate!

While the editorial board of the CPJ blog looks forward to working with authors to encourage publication, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published. We will publish work that stands out and is deemed by our editors to be of exceptional quality and adhere to the guidelines stated on this page. The editorial board shall collaborate with the author to edit content, spelling, and grammar. A submission may be rejected after two rounds of edits. After the final edits, your submission shall be queued for publication and appear on the blog shortly after.  At any point in time, we aim to publish 2-3 blog posts per month. We shall also disseminate your blog post through our social media handles and newsletter.

How to contribute

Send a draft version of your post or a short pitch with a title to &  Please also include your short bio that we can publish with the blog post.

Submission guidelines

– We prefer submissions in the range of 750-1000.

– Please cite sources, and background information and use hyperlinks whenever possible.

– Please avoid jargon and wordiness, and don’t use footnotes.

– Remember that you’re trying to appeal to a broad audience through your writing.

– If you’re using any photos or images, ensure you have permission to use them. We encourage using photos you’ve taken during the course of your journey as a writer/researcher.

– AI-generated content shall be rejected outright.

– We will not publish anything that has been published elsewhere.

We look forward to your contribution!