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February 20, 2024 Centre for Peace and Justice

On the occasion of World Social Justice Day, CPJ organised a webinar on ‘Confronting Climate Induced Displacement through a Social Justice Lens’ on 20th February 2024.

The webinar aims to explore the social justice implications of climate-induced displacement, identify sustainable solutions and advocate for more inclusive policies.

Panel members include Abu Sadat Moniruzzaman Khan, Program Head, CCP, BRAC, Antonia Brill, Advisor, GIZ, Tamazer Ahmed, Manager- Policy Research & Advocacy, ActionAid Bangladesh, Tasnia Khandaker Prova, Research Associate, CPJ, Zahid Amin Shashoto, Head of Program, Uttaran.

Over 7.1 million Bangladeshis were displaced by climate change in 2022, a number that could reach 13.3 million by 2050, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). These alarming statistics raise serious concerns when it comes to ensuring social justice for those affected.

Every year, direct and indirect consequences of climate change drive thousands to Dhaka and other major cities in search of better lives. However, once these climate-displaced individuals and households arrive in overpopulated urban areas they face a new set of challenges. Unequal access to education and employment opportunities, lack of basic resources and facilities and limited protection mechanisms diminishes their agency and perpetuates a sharp rise in economic and social disparity.

The disasters and slow-onset events causing displacement are anticipated to increase in frequency and intensity in the coming years as a result of climate change. It is therefore vital to understand the plight of the climate displaced from the perspective of social justice to establish a more just, peaceful and inclusive society.

Click here to watch the full event.