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August 21, 2023 Centre for Peace and Justice

Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), BRAC University organised a talk, titled “Humanity Needs More Female Voices Now!” in association with Peace Café, BRAC University. This event took place on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, at the BRAC University Mohakhali Campus. Esteemed scholar, Dr. Tom Arcaro, a distinguished Professor at Elon University (USA), facilitated the discussion.

The event commenced with a warm welcome speech by Shahariar Sadat, Director of Academic and Legal Empowerment at the CPJ, who also skillfully moderated the session. Tahsina Rahman, Joint Director of Student Life at BRAC University, provided the closing remarks, highlighting the significance of the topic and the importance of continuing such dialogues.

Professor Tom Arcaro’s captivating presentation revolved around advocating for a more inclusive global discourse by amplifying the voices of women. The event underscored the crucial role that female perspectives play in addressing urgent global challenges, emphasizing equality, dignity, and humanism. Notably, the event delved into the vital participation of women in confronting climate issues and driving social justice initiatives, shedding light on their paramount importance.

The talk was enriched by the incorporation of the Critical Hydra Theory, which shed light on historical dynamics perpetuating marginalisation and the imperative of inclusivity for a just and sustainable future.

The discussion centered on three fundamental premises on recognising the inherent equality and deserving dignity of all humans. Addressing social justice and climate concerns simultaneously, emphasizing their interconnection and highlighting the critical importance of women’s voices, and considering the intersectionality of their experiences.

Professor Tom Arcaro eloquently explained how historical forces promoting privilege have marginalised certain groups, leading to a distorted consciousness that impacts both marginalised individuals and society as a whole. The Hydra model, discussed in detail during the talk, introduced the concept of Critical Hydra Theory, offering an inclusive perspective on various privileged forces.

The distinguished speaker for the talk is Dr. Tom Arcaro, an accomplished professor of sociology renowned for his contributions to humanitarian aid and development studies. As a Sociology professor at Elon University, he has been a pivotal collaborator with CPJ since 2021, leading initiatives that include transformative online courses and advanced programs tailored for humanitarian professionals.

Participants from various departments at BRAC University and development professionals actively engaged in discussions, addressing topics ranging from the Hydra model theory to Rohingya status, minority rights, social hierarchy, transgender issues, and historical aspects. The event provided a platform for in-depth exploration of crucial societal matters and fostered mutual learning among attendees.

In conclusion, this event served as a valuable platform for individuals to delve into significant societal matters and engage in mutual learning. The event’s insightful discussions and multifaceted exploration left an indelible impact on attendees, potentially shaping their perspectives on vital issues facing humanity.