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March 17, 2021 Centre for Peace and Justice

Development and deployment of innovative ICT-based data analysis, visualisation and reporting system for the ‘Voices from the Margins and Inclusive Policy Responses to Covid-19 Pandemic’ Project

The Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ) at Brac University is currently implementing a research project to create an information data-loop to inform and influence public policies and state responses on Covid-19 related relief, recovery and resilience measures. Based on a representative household panel of marginalised groups in Bangladesh, the project will track their understanding of and demand for healthcare policies and responses. There will be three rounds survey in panel setting (April, July and October 2021) under this study.

The key output of the project will be a validated and real-time public facing web-based portal which will provide a rapid feedback loop for systematic curation, analysis and reporting of public perception and feedback from five marginalised groups defined through five factors (economic opportunities, gender, living in remote areas with low access to health services, ethnic and religious background, and disability) in Bangladesh to critical issues pertaining to awareness of mitigation measures (including the vaccine), access to critical infrastructure like health, education, and social safety nets, self-assessed economic condition, levels of trust in key institutions and awareness of and responses to public information campaigns related to Covid-19.

Objectives of the Assignment – Development of Appropriate Data Analytics, Visualisation and Feedback Analysis Tools and Hosting the Solution on Cloud Based Infrastructure

The proposed initiative aims at collecting citizen feedback through ICT tools, on a set of pre-defined indicators. For this, a survey would be undertaken using ICT devices (using an appropriate platform, example android) with a pre-loaded questionnaire. A tracking system (e.g. GIS) on the device would help indicate the location from where data is collected thereby enhancing the reliability of data collection and enabling a “granular” analysis at the disaggregated level.

To this end, a Dashboard based Analytical Tool to analyse and visualize the results of the survey is envisaged to be developed and maintained during the project period. A state of the art web based dashboard will be developed to automatically analyse and graphically represent the results of the survey in real time, based on pre-defined analytical formulae. The access to various sections of the Dashboard will be rights based. A firm/individual (‘Consultant’) is proposed to be hired with credible experience in developing and executing ICT based applications (using the Android platform) as well as provide technical assistance in undertaking field surveys. The detailed terms of reference for the Consultant are as provided below:

Please click the link for more details: Call for Proposals

Applications are welcome at [] until 21 March 2021. Please mention ‘Development and deployment of innovative ICT-based data analysis, visulisation and reporting system’ on the Email subject line.