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Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University, Green Delta Aims Tower (13th floor) 51-52 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

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Refugee Studies Unit

Refugee Studies Unit (RSU) is a flagship initiative of Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), BRAC University. CPJ established this ‘satellite’ unit in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar in 2018 to institutionalize and strengthen its refugee-related initiatives. RSU aims to understand the local context, promote peace and social cohesion and build trust and credibility within refugee and host communities.

Four Pillars of Activities

The activities of Refugee Studies Unit are fully aligned with the fundamental mission and core activities of CPJ.

1. Education Pathways:

CPJ co-leads the hubs for connected learning initiatives which delivers education pathways in Kenya, Jordan and Bangladesh. RSU as part of the Hubs has joined forces with UNHCR and Bard College New York for introducing groundbreaking education pathways in Cox’s Bazar. The education pathways are aimed at promoting civic engagement and providing access to higher education for Rohingya refugees and host communities. 

Language, Images and Analytical Thinking (LIT)

LIT is a 6 month up skilling program that uses a blended approach to conduct sessions in the Rohingya Camps. The program is designed to promote engagement in learning, analytical thinking, English language skills and ICT skills.


Number of total Learners

16- 24

Learners’ Age Group


Number of facilitators

Language, Images and Analytical Thinking Pathway

Six pillars of LIT:

  • Pillar 1: English Language Skill
  • Pillar 2: Analytical Approaches
  • Pillar 3: ICT Skills
  • Pillar 4: Effective Team Building
  • Pillar 5: Leadership Skills
  • Pillar 6: Project

Key Features: 

  • Has access to 7 learning centers inside the camp
  • Offers opportunities to outstanding learners to move into higher education (depending on available opportunities) or livelihood pathways
  • Trains refugees from the local community to teach, creating more community engagement 
  • Actively engages parents to build trust and increase meaningful participation
  • Contributes to learners’ economic and social empowerment by increasing their life skills and agency 

RhEAP: Refugee Higher Education Access Program

RhEAP is a 12-month bridging and transition program that focuses on study skills and digital literacy, as well as academic writing and critical thinking. Over a total of 5 modules, RhEAP utilizes appropriate content in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Stem fields.


Number of total Learners

18- 24

Learners’ Age Group


Number of Teaching Assistants

Modules of RhEAP: 

  • Module 1: Preparatory Upskilling Courses
  • Module 2: Academic Writing and Critical Thinking
  • Module 3: STEM and Advanced Writing 
  • Module 4: Credit bearing Courses
  • Module 5: Pathway application

Key features: 

  • Facilitates access to higher education depending on available opportunities and conductive environment
  • Uses a modern and accessible approach to education where learners use digital tools  
  • leverages expertise and resources from leading institutions in the field of higher education and refugee response
  • Trains refugees from the local community to teach, creating more community engagement 
  • Supports a strong network of teachers where they learn on the job by assisting more experienced faculty members

2. Research: RSU leads research initiatives that encourage civic participation, promote community learning, and amplify the voices of Refugees amongst policy and decision makers. With its team of camp-based refugee outreach volunteers, RSU constructs a bridge between academia and the affected communities.

3. Capacity Building: RSU enriches responsible actors’ understanding of ever-shifting crisis dynamics and root causes through capacitating communities, youth groups, volunteers and humanitarian workers. RSU regularly holds workshops, training and ToTs on peace building, livelihood, social cohesion, community engagement and other emerging issues for relevant stakeholders.

4. Advocacy: RSU promotes the rights of people living in fragility and draws attention to sustainable solutions through its advocacy initiatives. RSU leverages its resources and networks to contribute in refugee related discourse and policy making.

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