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Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University, Green Delta Aims Tower (13th floor) 51-52 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

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In this photo-book, you’ll find 15 stories across 7 themes depicting the struggle and resilience of Dhaka’s urban poor living in informal settlements (also called slums), a significant percentage of whom are climate migrants.

This commentary examines community-based research in fragile settings based on the authors’ experience working with Rohingya and host community researchers in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. This iteration of a community-based approach to research focuses on putting community researchers at the center and emphasizes their involvement at each stage of the research process – from design to […]

This research was co-funded by the European Union under the ‘SUSHIL: Supporting the Unity and Sustainability of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to Uphold Human Rights, National Integrity and Rule of Law in Bangladesh’ project where ActionAid is the lead applicant and the Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), BRAC University is the co-applicant.

Six years after the forced displacement of over a million Rohingya people from Myanmar, the day-to-day support required by Rohingya refugees and humanitarian actors in Bangladesh remains a challenge for the country’s government. This report analyses the policymaking environment surrounding the Rohingya refugee response in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Support has been provided by the Bangladesh […]

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